Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

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Rave Reviews

About Introduction to Judaism 

"This class was fantastic. I loved getting together with everyone each week and exploring the different facets of Judaism. There is so much to learn and this class gives a great overview of all of the topics that I am excited to further explore once the course is complete."

"As I was taking this class on my own, I found the class ambassador to be really helpful. She also helped me make a connection to a rabbi with whom I could discuss my interest in possibly converting to Judaism."

"I enrolled in Introduction to Judaism as a prerequisite to my conversion process. Learning about the values, traditions, spiritual, and historical contexts of Judaism through Introduction to Judaism gave me a compass and map for my Jewish journey. I gained new insights, grew spiritually, and created new friendships."

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About A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious? 

"I wanted to find out more about Judaism and Jewish community before I explored conversion. Taste exceeded my expectations."

"When I spoke with my husband after this class, I was able to teach him a few things about Judaism that he hadn’t learned in his Jewish upbringing!"

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About New Beginnings 

“I appreciated hearing each person’s journey to the conversion process and their concerns which answered some of my own.”

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About Yours, Mine & Ours 

"We learned that we could compromise without sacrificing our individuality, and that all of our differences, including our religious backgrounds, were not a barrier to taking the next steps in our relationship."

"Yours, Mine and Ours enabled us to become aware of what your partner needs and helping them get it. This becomes particularly important around the holidays but it is always true. The class changed how we communicate and has helped us move forward as we plan our wedding and as we prepare for the future."

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